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Unisex medical scrub caps can be personalized with a name, a department or even a few positive words. These surgical caps can also be customized with an image. for a personal touch. The possibilities are endless. Each scrub cap is made is made with a soft poly-cotton fabric by me in the USA.

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Solid colors will be available soon.

After several health care workers needed PPE and couldn't find a scrub cap that fit correctly, I started creating these medical caps to suite their needs. Many of those who have received these scrub caps appreciate that the personalization helps others identify who they are or what department they are working for.

The scrub caps have 10 inch ties and an opening in the back for hair. Personalizations are made with white vinyl iron-on. They are not embroidered.

Medical/Surgical/Scrub Caps Measurements:
Front: 4 1/4 inches
Top: 6 1/2 inches
Wrap Around: 22 inches
Ties: 10 Inches